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General Information

General Information

www.julianangelov.com is a website with professional photographs, videos and travel stories from various countries and territories all over the world. One of the main goals of its author - the photographer and travel writer Julian Angelov, is to document some of the last authentic cultures and traditions on the Earth, and to reveal the natural beauty and the diverse heritage of our planet. 


In different periods of his life Julian Angelov was editor-in-chief of GEO Magazine (Bulgaria), founder and deputy editor-in-chief of the first Bulgarian travel magazine – Odyssey, editing director of Traveller Magazine (Bulgaria) and The Explorer Bulgaria Magazine. He has been published in several periodicals across America, Europe and Asia, including Playboy (Slovenia), Cosmopolitan (Slovenia), National Geographic Explorer (Bulgaria), Fame (Thailand), Flavor (Thailand), Asia & Africa Today (Russia), Human Rights Dialogue (USA), Globe and Mail (Canada), Human Globaler Zufall (Germany), and many others. Julian has an MA in History and MA of Indian studies, and is a PhD researcher of Indian Studies at Sofia University. He was the author of the Early Buddhism chapter in the student manual “History of Religions”, published in 2000 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Julian has also received numerous awards, including the 2006 Travel Photography Contest, organized by National Geographic Magazine (Bulgaria). 


www.julianangelov.com shows the beauty of the Earth through a broad selection of professional images in the continuously updated Galleries, as well as through remarkable remarkable travel stories in the Blog, and a collection of publications to purchase directly from the publisher: photo albums, travel books, guide books, fine postcards, magnets, etc.


Any of the images in the Galleries could be purchased for commercial use or as editorial illustration. They could also be printed as fine art prints on various media types upon request. See more in the Fine Art Prints section of the site Menu.


If you want to contribute to www.julianangelov.com and to support the future expeditions of Julian Angelov in remote corners of the world, please Contact us, or donate via the PayPal's Donation button below.